The Need to Surrender and Be Led

Seduction Secrets For Men

“You have to learn the rules of the game.

And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

– Albert Einstein

Hi Guys,

Human beings are pack animals. There is an innate desire by people to “belong”, either to a group, club, inner circle etc. This desire is so strong in some people that that people will go to great lengths to and do almost anything to get in. This need or desire is the platform that allows the seduction and manipulation to take place.

For the most part, the average person doesn’t know what drive him (or her, if I’ve got to be PC). They simply allow themselves to be led by others or by their randomly conditioned mechanism. Conditioning occurs all the time, from cradle to grave. I’ve alluded some social conditioning above i.e. political correctness conditioning.

People are so caught up by the treadmill of life, their day-to-day ‘activities’, the media in all its forms and the social conditioning that they never know what they really want. Because of this there appears to be a void, an intense craving, a strong need or desire to be swept away, to surrender to a higher power, a greater cause, to experience ‘falling in love’ or other intense emotional experience. (This often forms the basis of great epic stories and women’s literature).

When we find something or someone who can give us or put us into a strong emotional state, a state that consumes us, through excitement, passion, exhilaration, attraction, lust, love, etc. we allow ourselves to drop our guard, to surrender and be led.

It doesn’t matter what a person is surrendering to – as long as they get to experience that feeling. That ‘emotional high’, that is what they are after. It makes them feel alive.

Manipulators, marketers and seduction masters target that need… our need to fill that ‘hunger’, that ‘void’ and our desire to feel that emotional high.

These manipulators, marketers and seduction masters also know that they don’t have to give people what they want as the majority of people will surrender to emotions and experiences that resembles their want. In this way, people are often tricked into believing that they have found the real thing.

This means that you do not have to be what a woman wants or thinks she wants in order to attract her; you can attract her by projecting what resembles her wants.

Once you know what women want, or rather the woman you want to attract wants, all you need to do is to project or take on the image of what she is looking for in a man for her to be attracted to you.

Forget what you have seen in chick flicks. They are Mills and Boon’s in celluloid. They tell you nothing about the way a woman thinks or about the aspiration of women.

Humans are highly emotional creatures, women more so than men. And you can learn to harness this to get the woman you want.

To do this you must find what truly drives them, motivates them, makes them come alive and, yes, what makes them anxious, nervous and fearful.

You must learn to read the signs. And it sometimes helps to have someone in the other camp pass you their secrets, to provide you with the information, the mental triggers you need to know to fire genuine feelings of attraction in the opposite sex.

The secrets of attraction and seduction are easily learned.  You on the other hand must be ready to make a change. We are not talking about massive changes taking place all at once, but small incremental change… the first of which is talking responsibility for your actions followed by actually taking action.

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