Have the Rules of Dating and Mating Changed That Much? Part I

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In the not so distant past the rules of dating and mating were reasonably well defined for both men and women. But now the rules have changed. Feminism changed the rules and what we have in this post feminist era is chaos composed of a myriad of miscues, cross purpose, half conscious, petulant, capricious and contradictory female expectations that oscillate between the conceitedly egalitarian and the demurely traditional.

Feminism encourages women into the mentality that men are at the root of their problems leading to their subsequent hatred of men.

In the chaos that ensues from these contradictory female expectations the opportunities for heartbreak and humiliation are legions.

Under these ruthless conditions, men are looking for a new framework for understanding what women want.

Up to now, they have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer!

To some extent, our grand parents and even our parents were lucky; when it came to dating the was a relatively standard scenario; the man knew that he was to ask the girl out for a date, he was supposed to pick her up to go out and drop her back home after the date, and if it went well he then called her for another date. If the relationship developed enough he was supposed to ask her to marry him.

Today, the above scenario has all but disappeared. There is no standard scenario for dating and mating, or even being friends with a woman.

As a blowback to the chaos of contradictory female expectations some men refuse to or are putting off the traditional markers of adulthood such as the wife, the two-point-four children and the house. They shun marriage and the paraphernalia that comes with it preferring to hang out with their mates, watching movies or playing computer games. And who can blame them?

They do so because they are angry and a large part of their anger is turned towards women. They feel that young women are dishonest, self-involved, sluttish, manipulative, shallow, controlling and gold-diggers.

If you are a man, especially a white male, you can be discriminated against with impunity. So-called affirmative action laws are passed by feminist lead governments shills to discriminate against and marginalize white men. And as a man don’t you try to retaliate…

Male bashing is the language of situation comedies and advertising. I stopped watching so-called women stand up comedians – I really don’t feel the need to be insulted by a man hating skank. The same applies to TV shows and the adverts showing the man as a bumbling dim-witted idiot that can hardly tie his shoelaces.

For many men marriage appears to be a raw deal nowadays. We are given the impression that for men, traditional marriages, or committed relationships, with their associated socially imposed norms of being a wallets with legs for women, are empty and full of meaningless drudgery.

I touched on some of this in a previous article titled “Gold digger… Like a hooker… Only smarter”. The article showed how certain women were taking advantage of the men they profess to “love”.

It is hard to overemphasize the distrust of young men who have witnessed divorce up close and personal when they were growing up. Apart from becoming justifiably wary of the “till-death-do-us-part” promises they also often suspect that women are out to relieve men of their earnings, children, and deepest affections, often with the help of the courts.

So when you put all this together, computer games, for some, are better companions than some diseased-ridden bar tramp who is after a free ride.

When you meet an attractive woman you have no idea what goes on in her head. She may be hoping for a hook-up, or she may be looking for friendship, a husband or a partner. She could also be a divorcee looking for a co-parent to look after her child or she could equally be looking for a sperm donor, a free meal ticket or a temporary place to stay.

She may want one thing today and another tomorrow. To be honest, I don’t think that they knows what they want themselves. And when it comes to men they want both the bad boy and the metrosexual.

So how is an ordinary guy with only modest psychic powers to know which is it tonight?

If she is a raging feminist and you open the door for her she may verbally attack you with the vitriol of a conceited egalitarian. Equally if you don’t open the door for her you could be marked down if she happened to believe in the traditional model of male chivalry.

It would appear that women have decided that they want it all and that they deserve to have it all. They want to have complete equality (in the same way as the pigs wanted equality in Orwell’s Animal Farm with some being more equal than others) whilst at the same time they want to retain the privileges of their mother’s generation. What they really want is a ratification of female privileges and whim.

I’ve often been with women who made it abundantly clear through their actions that “Their money will always be their money. And that if I am a ‘gentleman’ I would have to pay the bills when going out etc.

Get real.

I be continuing with this article tomorrow.

I would really appreciate your comment on the above.

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