Traits I do not want in the women I date

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A while back I wrote an article titled “Have you thought about the type of woman you want to spend time with?” and this set me thinking about the things I do not want in a woman. Let’s face it while you may have thought about the qualities and traits you want from a woman we tend to forget about the things we certainly don’t want them to have.

Although one would like to go out with a woman that is ‘drop dead gorgeous’ there are other things to consider. I mean, what is the use of being a woman with a great exterior but is a total bummer on the inside. You’ll be tearing your hair out in no time.

While I have a quite a good idea about what I want in a woman, I am quite flexible regarding the total package. However, I do have a very clear idea of what I don’t want and it is here that I am not inflexible at all.

Here are some of the traits that I certainly don’t want the women I date to have:

  • Being a Feminist – To most feminism simply means granting women equality of opportunity, choice and respect which they feel they do not have, however, today the precise meaning of ‘feminism’ has become obscure and has become, in essence, sexism and hateful bigotry against men and boys. The all-pervasive personality disorder feminists portray can be traced back to the founders of feminism who were borderline psychotics with pronounced sado-narcissistic traits. As like attracts like, these disordered women continue to be attracted into the feminist ranks. These so-called women (nothing feminine about them), more often than not, play fast and loose with the truth. Their goal is to curtail objectivity when hiring and accept women, even the ones who cannot qualify for certain positions, to be granted the job based solely on sex. What really annoys me are girls who claim that we’re supposed to be equal and then still believe in chivalry and men having to do stuff. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Psychotic / Clinically crazy/ Schizophrenic – with their mood swings, erratic behaviour full of angst and inner turmoil and delusions. I’m just an ordinary everyday nice guy who, although compassionate and understanding, has decided that life was way too short to deal with other peoples crap. I have therefore retired from trying to save the world.

  • Thick as two short planks – while the sex may be great I do have other needs like having grown up conversations.

  • Junkie, drug dramas and tranquillisers – Although I’ve got nothing about having a drink once in a while, I really dislike drunks.

  • While cannabis, cocaine and other drugs are used recreationally by a lot of people I am not interested in going out with someone who is zone out of their skulls. One minute they are up and the next way down. They are addicted to their constant ‘need’ for the next high. It doesn’t matter what they use but in the end they will always lie, cheat and steal in order to get their next fix.

  • Although doctors often prescribe tranquillisers/antidepressants their problem is that they become addictive. They also have side effects that will definitely affect your relationship. Some of these side effects include sleepiness, dry mouth, constipation, nausea and sexual problems. It kills her libido.

  • Promiscuous / sexual swinger – God knows what one can catch from them. Taking this into consideration, I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

  • Diseased – I don’t have AIDS or any other dreadful communicable disease including syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, hepatitis and plan to remain that way.

  • Desperate / needy – This type of woman will drive you insane. She will try to manipulate you to feel sorry for her in order to control you. You wont be able to go to the bathroom without her asking you where you’ve been. Guilt can become a very expensive emotion.

  • Uninterested in sex and/or sexually passive – This could be caused by anti-depressants or she could be asexual but has not come to terms with the fact yet.

  • Sexual prude – unfortunately some women seem to take the religious view that sex is not to be enjoyed and that sex is there for reproductive purposes only. Some of them cannot help themselves. Their parents, preachers, and society they grew up in brainwashed them and it has become part of their psychological make up. They will have sex with their boyfriends if in a steady relationship. However, once married and once they have the children they want, sex dries up. Any physical sexual desire they appeared to have had dries up. And then they wonder why their partner ups and leaves them for a woman that meets his needs. If I wanted to abstain from sex I would join a monastery. A dead giveaway that she may be a sexual prude is that the only sex you have is in the missionary position with very little, if any, foreplay.

  • Gold digger – This kind of woman will screw you in more ways than you can think of.

I would really appreciate your comment on the above.

As always, I wish you everything I wish myself.

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Until the next time.


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