Making Dates More Enjoyable and Fun

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Most people are usually nervous when it comes to their first dates. Your jitteriness can make you look like someone who has drunk gallons of coffee before the date.

When on a date long silences between your conversations with your date tend to be very awkward. In preparation you should try to come up with a few funny lines that can crack the ice. Just don’t try to fill the silence with mindless chatter.

You should try to spend your first date in a place where you can sit and talk with your date in order to get know each other better.

Some people may go to the movies on a first date but this means that for a long period of the evening you cannot interact with your date. And unless you know what genre of film she likes you could be ruining the evening.

If you are going to the movies you may want to go for a meal either before or after the film to make up for the time during the movie during which you will not be able to talk.

Instead of going to the movies you may prefer to have some coffee at the local coffee house, or go to a good restaurant. There is no need to impress your date by dining in an expensive restaurant.

You may consider making your dates more enjoyable and exhilarating by adding a bit of adventure or by organizing some enjoyable activities together.

You could for instance take your date to an adventurous place, go to a few local destinations or historical places in the area. Apart from having an assortment of things to see it also provide many things to talk about. The benefit of going to these places is that you wont need those funny lines to break the silence.

You should make contingency plans in case it rains, as in those occasions it will be impossible to spend time outside. You could, on the other hand go to a shopping mall for coffee.

Try and find an intimate corner where you wont be disturbed so that you can get to know your date. However, there is only so much time you can spend drinking coffee; so why don’t you invite her to go for a walk in the mall and go shop with her for such small things as clothing, DVD’s and CD’s.

You could also spend some time in a bowling alley or find a bookstore to share your interest with her.

The main idea is to interact with your date in order to get to know her better. The better you interact the greater chances of getting further dates and who knows, lead to love and romance.

With this in mind, go and check out places near you for fun activities that you and your date will surely enjoy.

As always, I wish you everything I wish myself.

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