How to Attract and Seduce Women: Body language – Eye Contact

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One of the most important component when you meet a woman or anyone else for the first time is eye contact.

And guys, keep your eyes on her face. I know just how easily one can get distracted by an attractive woman’s breasts, but if you do, you become just like all the other guys who drool over her. By not looking (euphemism for staring) at her breasts you will move up a notch in her estimation appart from the fact that she will be wondering why her womanly wiles is not working with you. This will prick her interest and she will seek your attention and subconciously try to get you to look.

When you talk to her, try to maintain eye contact. You must be carefull not to stare like some demented lunatic as this will definetely have the opposite effect that you are trying to achieve. Be natural and smile with your eyes. Aim to maintain eye contact for approximately 70% of the time while you are talking to her.

I know that for some of you, those that lack self confidence or are a bit shy, it may be difficult to keep eye contact for any length of time. However, as eyes contact can make some serious connection between people I suggest that you make a serious effort to hold some form of eye contact. You may be pleasantly surprised.

It is said that the eyes are a window to the soul and to some extent this is true. Studies show that that peering eye movement corresponds positionaly to the location of the cognitive function in other words when you are trying to retrieve information regarding sensing, intuition, feeling and thinking your eyes change position to retrieve that information. Naturally this is very subjective but interesting nevertheless.

So remember, when talking to a woman, try to look past the depth of her foundation, make up and wonderbra, don’t look down at her breasts, be natural, smile through your eyes and maintain eye contact for approximately 70% of conversation time.

And guys, don’t just read the above, act on the above and take responsibility for your actions.

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Until the next time.


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