How to Attract and Seduce Women: A Cheeky Approach to Meeting a Woman

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Patrick and John were walking in town when they spotted a really attractive woman. After a brief exchange between them regarding the woman Patrick decided that he would like to meet her.

Leaving John behind Patrick walked up to her and “accidentally” bumped into her. He then apologised profusely (whilst making eye contact) before stopping in mid sentence, let his eyes widen slightly and appeared to be taken aback. The next words to come out of his mouth was “You’re amazing” and before she could recover he continued “I would really like to see you again – here is my mobile number, call me if you feel the same way” and with a “hope to hear from you” left the scene.

Because he did not know whether she had a boyfriend or partner he had detached himself from the outcome. Whether she was going to call him or not was left entirely dependent on her. The outcome depended on whether he had managed to sell himself during the few minutes of their encounter and whether she was interested enough to make the effort to ring him.

It is about the girl making a snap judgement on whether she could introduce you to her circle of friends confidently or you will make her laugh and feel good about herself for the foreseeable future.

It is all about summing all the best parts of yourself and allowing someone else to see it. If they chose not to see it or what you are displaying is not for them then that really is no problem, the next one you talk with may just be what you need right now.

To get away with this you’ve got to be a bit cocky and at ease with yourself.

The outcome on this occasion was favourable. She texted him soon afterwards and they have seen each other since.

John now thinks that Patrick is a God.

Mind you it could as easily gone the other way.

This does not mean that you should “accidentally” bump into every girl you fancy. And by the way we are not talking about a rugby tackle here.

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