Gold digger… Like a hooker… Only smarter

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Let’s get going with this article’s topic in which is about predatory females.

I’ve been thinking about predatory females and the devastation they leave behind when they move on to their next target… hence the title of my post today.

Gold digger… Like a hooker… Only smarter

I’ve seen their handy work up close and luckily I wasn’t the one in the crosshairs.

The way society works at the moment men are being discriminated against in favour of females and if you are a white male you can be discriminated against with impunity and don’t you dare try to retaliate or else…

In your search for the woman of your dreams you may unfortunately come across the gold digger. This is especially true if you earn a good salary and more so if you own your own successful business.

If you think that you have found the woman of your dreams and talk turns towards marriage – it is probably time to take a step back and go take a cold shower. You may need it.

How well do you really know the girl you are thinking of marrying? Consider the divorce statistics! In western societies marriage no longer means until death do us part. It often means until you hit a rough patch or she gets tired of you and then what often follows is that you will be mugged… legally.

The following extract was lifted from and illustrates the way a gold digger thinks and what she will do to you if you are not careful.

Now, I’m not saying that all women are like this but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

AH: I have no idea who wrote the following …

OK. Time to put men out of your misery. Feminism was and is the biggest con in history. We talked endlessly about “equality” yet that was the last thing we wanted. You men have yet to realise that women never say what we mean. It is always shrouded in hyperbole and imagery.

So now, we are so close to having our cake and eating it. Here are just a few examples.

1) We can take you to the cleaners in divorce. No suggestion of equality there. We can have affairs and divorce you and we STILL get the house and maintenance for as long as we need. There is now absolutely no risk in a woman filing for divorce. You men don’t even have the right to shag us any more. More and more women are making their husbands live celebate lives in marriage.

Once we have that ring on our finger we rule! I am only 27. I have
been married three times. Each one I stayed with for three years and then took for every penny I could get. You see, we only have to convince a judge of “irretreivable breakdown” of the relationship. And how is that determined? Easy. When ONE party does not wish the relationship to continue.

My current husband needs another year I would say. The business he has built up is not quite where I need it to be yet. When it is, he will go the same way as the others. The house is already mine “for tax reasons”. At least thats what he thinks.

I “allowed” my name to be put on the deeds, but he will find come the day that this just means the house is mine already. I tend to go for cash settlements with regard to maintenance which leaves me free to start again. Not that I need to now. By the time I have ditched this poor sap, I will have more than enough to live a very good lifestyle with for the rest of my life.

Even if money starts to run short I can always do it again. It’s not as if I have to have sex much either. I pick men who are on the way up building their buisnesses. The hours they put in mean they are usually too tired and if they have affairs with their secretaries, well, that just makes it easier for me.

2) We get far less severe prison sentences for the same crimes. We can even murder our new born children and it is written off as Post Natal Depression. Women’s groups all over the world are working for the day when no woman will ever be sent to prison for any crime. And trust me, that day will come.

3) In the work place not only do we get paid for taking time off to have children, but now we even get pay rises while we are off, an absolute right in law to return to the job we left and in some cases now, we even get promoted while we are on leave.
Employers have to invest in our training, but we are free to screw them over by taking all the training and qualifications we can get of of them and then leaving.

4) We now have senior politicians who advocate “positive descrimination” . In other words, if you are a white male, you are where you belong. At the bottom of the heap.
Women are eased into top jobs and ministerial positions in Government. The Sisterhood is alive and well and working beautifully. The Labour Government, always breathtakingly stupid has actually gone as far as prohibiting the selection of male candidates in some wards. Fantastic.

And you poor men. What can one say? All you need is a little show of panty now and then and you are putty in our hands. You and you alone have allowed us to take this supremecy and you have done so without a whimper.

When I joined the feminist movement, I didnt really buy into the more vitriolic mantras of “all men are pigs” and “the only good man is a doormat”, but now I see you for what you are.

A means of providing what I want.

[Any spelling and punctuation errors above are not mine. The above was a cut and paste job.]

So, if a woman starts trying to find out how much you earn, especially if you have just met… just blow her off as she is may be looking for her next mark.

I know that there are some great women out there, women who would find the above just as offensive as any real man would.

I’ve known many a great guy crushed by such women and the complicit courts. And so the above is to serve as a warning. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.

Guys, it is time to stop thinking with your balls and start thinking with your head. Don’t be an ass; even if you think you know the girl pretty well, things happen. Get a pre-nup. You’ve worked hard for what you have. And I’m sure that your woman works hard for what she has. With the pre-nup you can both walk out with what you walked in with and split what was earned between you during the marriage. (And girls do the same – it works both ways.)

It is worth saying that men are not blameless in this unpleasant sex for designer clothes/ jewellery/breast implants transaction. You will agree that a man who buys a woman is no better than the woman who agrees to sell herself.

Don’t just read the above – take it on board. Don’t be a fool, take heed and take responsibility for your actions.

Don’t just read these tips; act on them. Practice and practice until you realise your potential and get the women you want in your life.

If you would like me to write about a particular issue you may have, let me know and I’ll try to incorporate it in my posts.

I would really appreciate your comment on the above.

As always, I wish you everything I wish myself.

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