How to Attract and Seduce Women: Body Language – the art of non-verbal communication.

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Let’s get going with today’s topic regarding body language – the art of non verbal communication.

Body language is a term for communication using body movements or gestures instead of, or in addition to, sounds, verbal language or other communication. It forms part of the category of paralanguage, which describes all forms of human communication that are not verbal language…

In the verbal mode we use adjectives to describe feelings such as happy, sad, angry, hurt, elated, depressed etc. These adjectives can in turn be associated with physical displays, which can be easily read by others thanks to the expressions on our faces and our body language. While language describes our state of being, unconsciously our faces, bodies and vocal tones reveal even more.

Even though body language differs from country to country or from tribe to tribe but collectively everyone uses it to communicate whether they realize it or not. Everyone can recognise basic body language. We recognise that a smile represents happiness or acceptance. By observing people you can easily pick up whether they are happy, sad, in pain, furious, relaxed, uptight, nervous or aggressive. By the same token others can read you as easily as you can read them.

Your comportment/posture generates a vibe that is picked up by others and can easily influence and moderate their behaviour towards you. You project it in the way you walk and move with deliberate and focused actions. Therefore if you want to influence others in your vicinity you should work on your projection by practicing how you project yourself.

Whether a woman chooses to hang out with a man is often based on first impressions i.e. the projection or vibe you give off through your body language. Luckily for us it is skill that can be learned. We can train ourselves to change and/or adapt our body language.

Learn to broadcast confident signals with your body language. Believe that you are the greatest guy in the world and let this feeling disseminate itself through you. This will manifest and project an air of confidence about you.

Stand tall, don’t slouch; confident people hardly slouch. Besides slouching is read as being beaten or tired.

Sit upright, look and feel cool, calm and collected.

Insecurities or nervousness are easily picked up by others, as your movements will tend to be fast and edgy which may ruin your first impressions. To counter this you need to deliberately slow down your body movements. However, you still want your movements to be natural so this may take quite a bit of practice. You want to move with deliberate and focused actions.

I’ve only skimmed the surface of this subject so I’ll be dealing with body language and the art of seduction further in future posts.

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