Why Average Guys End Up Dating Average Girls

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it all starts with a mindset.

Let’s face it we all want to date really hot and beautiful women but so few of the guys I know actually do so. They fantasize about dating hot women and they edge each other on about the hot ‘babe’ that walked past. And nothing happens. In fact if that hot ‘babe’ happened to talk to them they get tongue tied.

They are obsessed with gorgeous women. And yet they always appear to land up with really average girls.

The funny thing is that this is not due to a lack of hot and beautiful women.

Statistically the ratio of men who fantasize about going out with beautiful vivacious women with those who actually date them is enormous. And the funny thing is, it has nothing to do with a lack of attractive women.

So why do “average” guys settle for “average” girls? Why do they shy away from dating girls they consider “too attractive” to go out with? Why do they think that those girls are out of their league?

The reasons why “Mr Average” avoids dating women whom they consider very attractive are

One of the biggest reasons for this avoidance is the fear of rejection. Guys have this rather stupid notion that very attractive women are hunk magnets. As a side note I have to point out something here; many of the so-called good looking guys or jocks have the same inhibition that the “average” guys have. However, the “average” guy wrongly assumes that because a woman is attractive she will automatically be approached so often by so many guys that the chance of rejection is automatically greater. And that the more attractive a woman is, the greater the chances of rejection becomes.

Another reason for this avoidance is the fear of exposure. The “average” guy wrongly assume that because an attractive woman is approached often by men who want to date them that they become accustomed to the various styles and techniques being used to attract them. And that she will see straight through his moves rendering his chance of success close to zero.

A third reason for his avoidance is often categorised by excessive shyness. Some men are naturally shy around women. And the more attractive a woman is, or the more women there are to interact with the more intense his shyness becomes.

Another reason for his avoidance is that he may suffer from a low self esteem. The problem here has to do with your self worth. One automatically assumes that because a woman is extremely attractive you expect her to be with an attractive guy. The problem here is that the “average” guy sees himself as average, that is not very attractive, not rich enough, not tall enough and ultimately not good enough for a extremely attractive woman.

Most of what we have discussed above has to do with you mindset and your expectation. The interesting thing is that the guys you regard as “attractive” to women do not necessarily see themselves in the same light. And then there is also the woman’s viewpoint – she could be attracted to what you may consider as a nerd. After all there is no accounting for taste. She could have had some bad experiences with jocks and want nothing to do with them. There are so many variables when it comes to the interactivity between men and women that you always have a chance but only if you take it.

We all see things from our perspective and what one person considers attractive is not necessarily shared by others. And this my friend makes the field wide open if only you take your chances and go for it.

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