How to Attract and Seduce Women: Talk Loudly and Clearly

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Let’s get going with this article’s topic in which is to talk loudly and clearly.

Recently I went to a seminar and while I was quietly people watching I noticed that one of the professional speaker there had no problem in expressing dominance and a strong male presence with his voice.

One of his techniques was simply to talk loudly and clearly.

The problem many people have is that they are self-effacing. They talk quietly with no authority and mumble their words. And they often don’t make eye contact with the people they talk too. By doing so they make themselves less relevant and others automatically assume that they are beta males.

It’s the way many of us were brought up.

Most of us feel embarrassed to talk loudly. This is especially true when they approach a woman. They don’t want others to notice. After all who wants to stand out like a lightning rod if you approach a woman and she shoots you down in front of others?

But this is entirely the problem. You are setting yourself out to fail. Your mindset is all wrong.

After all a dominant alpha male does not care what others think of him. He owns his space and is congruent with what he is doing. He does not look for approval or validation from others. He decides what he wants to do and does it.

Its not that he treats others badly or doesn’t give a monkeys if he hurts others. What we are talking about here is a man who is sure of himself. A strong man. A man who believes in himself and does what he thinks is right with good intentions.

He is loyal to himself first and foremost, because he knows you cannot please everyone and therefore cannot do the right thing for everyone.

It is the self-assurance and self-belief of the alpha male you communicate to others when you talk loudly and clearly.

Experiment with the volume of your voice and practice your articulation, tonality and enunciation in order to speak clearly.

And although it may feel weird at first I am sure that you will notice that people will react positively to what you say.

So why not experiment with the volume of your voice and see what happens.

Don’t just read these tips; act on them. Practice and practice until you realise your potential and get the women you want in your life.

If you would like me to write about a particular issue you may have, let me know and I’ll try to incorporate it in my posts.

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