Stay Away From The Booze

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Hi Guys,

Just a short article today and one not at all politically correct.

You are reading this because you would like to attract and seduce beautiful attractive women. The type of woman described by Mickey Spillane in his Mike Hammer books and the sort of women seen in the earlier Mike Hammer television series with Stacy Keach i.e. drop dead gorgeous with million-dollar legs.

Some guys drink to boost their courage to approach a woman and this works up to a point, as the alcohol tends to have a relaxing effect. If you do this it would be best to limit how much you drink if you want your pick up to go as well as possible.

Earlier when we talked about believing in yourself I really meant that. You don’t need alcohol or drugs to boost your self-esteem. In fact drunks are a turn off. Drunks may think they are funny and interesting when in reality they are not. And when they the start to talk to God on the big white telephone it is darn right unappealing.

There is absolutely no way in hell that you can you sell yourself when you are drunk?

When you are trying to pick-up that gorgeous attractive woman you want to be on the ball, sharp and always aware of what is being said. Being too drunk will inhibit your ability to pick up any subtle signs of flirtation given off by women in the form of body language, gestures and verbal cues. And you will have blown it.

Being drunk also impairs your vision.

An acquaintance of mine had been drinking while he was out clubbing. He met a woman and even though inebriated managed to get her details. In his stupor he found her extremely attractive and they made plans to meet later during the week.

The following day, as he had her details, he decided to check her out on facebook. He discovered that she was a rather plain and unattractive woman.

Now I know that everybody’s tastes are different when it comes to what they consider attractive but why settle for second best?

For a while he even tried to convince himself that she was as attractive as his alcohol fuelled mind had tricked him into seeing the night before. But then he also had a stake in believing this as he had told his friend about this hot woman he had met. However, luckily for him, they soon dispelled his illusion and he didn’t go on his date.

Sure you can have a drink but moderate yourself. Only have two or three drinks instead of eight to ten.

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