How to Attract and Seduce Women: Body Language – Sex Signals

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This is the first part of an article on sex signals emanating from a woman’s body language, so bear with me.

A rather attractive lady friend of mine and I were talking about relationships, the art of seduction and pick-up artists. And the one thing that I found interesting was the fact that she said that she and her friends were tired of being hit on by men that they did not want to talk to.

What I found even more interesting was what she said straight after that. She and her friends were confounded by the fact that even though they were throwing signals to the guys they really wanted to meet – they appeared unable to pick up on the signals.

OK, so on occasion the signals may be quite subtle but they always let the guys know they are interested through their body language.

So whether you are a newbie on the dating scene or you’ve been around awhile one thing really stands out… as guys, we really suck at picking up body language signals.

Apart from the rare individual that has learned to pick up on the subliminal sex signals emanating from a woman’s body language, we miss the boat more often than not.

Let’s face it, the attractive woman sitting there with her friends is not about to wink at you, wave at you or crook her finger as a means of telling you that she is interested in you – although occasionally it does happen. She will be casting understated signals, which, naturally 97% of men will miss.

And if you miss picking up on or reading the signals she may assume that you are not interested and move on to another more aware/awake prospect.

The funny thing is that, in her mind, she thinks that she is being obvious. Mind you most of the other women in the area will actually pick up on the signals while the vast majority of guys won’t.

It’s just that men and women think differently.

Even though these undercover sex signals are subtle you can learn to tune in to them. It is just a matter of being more aware and sharpening your sensitivities.

Once you have learned to pick up on a woman’s signals you will have the edge on the other guys.

A woman’s undercover sex signal body language follows certain patterns, which once you’ve picked up on them allows you to read her like a book.

It’s like everything else once you know how to do something it becomes easier to do and the more you practice the easier it becomes.

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