Why Average Guys End Up Dating Average Girls (2)

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Following from yesterday’s post on why average guys end up dating average girls here are a few more reasons why “Mr Average” avoids dating women whom he considers very attractive.

The first is a great one – procrastination. The average guy will think up excuses not to take action. After all what are the odds of him dating a foxy lady? 10 million to 1! With odds like that, why bother trying? But by not doing anything, by not acting on your aspirations, nothing will happen. And so by default you pass up on that beautiful vivacious woman and land up with an “average” girl.

Another reason why the average guy avoids trying to date a pretty girl is that he is clueless on what do or say. Beautiful vivacious women can appear to be very sophisticated and adept at playing the seduction game. And this poses a problem to the average guy – after all what do you say or do to impress someone who may have seen or heard every approach known to man?

Some guys suffer from performance anxiety and we are not talking about sexual performance here. Average guys are by default not used to talking to hot, sexy ladies and become extremely anxious when interacting with them. For some guys this anxiety can be quite debilitating. However, once they know the girl they loosen up and loose their inhibition. For these guys, the best approach would be to be introduced to the girl through a mutual friend.

Another debilitating reason why the average guy avoids trying to date a pretty girl is the fear of embarrassment. People in general are terrified of making a fool of themselves in front of others especially their peers and guys certainly do not want to make fools of themselves in front of someone the find extremely attractive. For some guys the threat of embarrassment appears so real to them that it causes them to literally freeze. The fear of potential embarrassment makes them shy away from considering the possibility that she will say yes to their advances.

When it is all said and done the problems listed above mostly play themselves out in your mind. Your imagination magnifies the problems to the extent that they become debilitating. It’s all in the mind.

You’ve got to learn to power through. Focus on the prize and not the problem, especially when the problem here is self inflicted. The trick here is to go for it. And if things do not go to plan don’t give up. You owe it to yourself to try again. The second or third time will be easier.

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What do women look for in a man?

Seduction Secrets For Men

Hi Guys,

The question many men have is “What do women look for in a man?”.  Most men have absolutely no idea what women want.   In this post we will attempt to answer this question.

When a woman looks at a man she will have her template, the list of qualities she is looking for in a man at the ready.

If, you, as a man, know what they are and can demonstrate that you have those qualities it will make her want you.  This is part of the attraction and seduction process.

You don’t have to demonstrate all the qualities she is looking for but the more of those rare qualities you project the more she will want you and the easier it is for you to seduce her.

So what are those qualities that women look for in a man?

A woman will be looking for some of the following qualities:

High status – Being an alpha male has more to do about your attitude and behaviour rather than money or appearance.  You project it in the way you walk and move with deliberate and focused actions.

Leadership – A take-charge attitude and a strong charisma at work, socially and amongst peers.

Power – she wants to feel safe and secure and so she wants a man that can protect her and her children and that he is willing to use resources to protect her.

Attractive to other women – There is an element of pre-selection here as well as the challenge aspect of it. No one gains much intrinsic value from winning something that’s easy.

Funny – Every body likes being in the company of someone who appears to have a good sense of humour.

Confident – Whether or not you’re consciously aware of it, everything you do communicates some form of status.  By being smooth and comfortable you give off a sense of quiet confidence.

Strong – either mentally or physically or both.  A woman wants to know whether a man has a strong and health body and at the same time whether he possesses sharp and dynamic thinking capabilities i.e. can he figure out what to do and how to do it.

Looks/body – She wants to know whether you have good genes for her offspring’s.

Social competence – She wants to know that you possess the social, emotional, and intellectual skills and behaviours to succeed in society.

Dress sense – need I say more?

Emotionally wired correctly – she wants to know that you are emotionally wired correctly and that you are not a potential psychopath. She wants a man that will respond with the correct emotions at the right times and is willing to sympathize and empathize.

A willingness to walk away – If you value your standards you are able and willing to walk away from any woman, no matter how beautiful she is, should she display qualities or behaviours you do not approve of.  And, after all, why should you settle for anything less.

A real male – not a metro-sexual male who is less certain of his identity and is more interested in his image and has himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference.  After all she does not want to compete with you for time in the bathroom etc.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to demonstrate all the above qualities to become attractive to a woman.

But you should learn to demonstrate the above qualities…

And every time you demonstrate them…

You fire mental triggers in her mind that makes her want you.

People want what they can’t currently have and the more of those rare qualities you exhibits (5 or more of the above-mentioned qualities) the more she won’t be able to resist you.

You will generate a genuine, deep and real, mental and sexual attraction for you in her mind.

However, it does require a bit of work on your part.  Re-read the above.  Act upon it.  Believe me it will be worth it.

In order to uncover the powerful insider secrets that will skyrocket your sex life and make wonderful women beg you to date them,  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Until the next time.


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