How to Attract and Seduce Women: A Low Risk Approach to Meeting a Woman

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In this post we will be looking at some of the ways you can use to approach a woman.

Let’s assume that you are sitting in a restaurant and you notice an attractive woman having a meal with some female friends.

When you make eye contact with her and get a smile, you should move in immediately.

Here’s how the low-risk approach operates:

Have the waiter bring over a note saying something like: “Hey, I know you’re with friends, but if you’d like to make another friend, step away for a second. Unless she’s terminally shy, she will more than likely step away. No need to get clever with your introduction when she comes over. “What’s your name?”

Wait for her to ask you for your name, as this is a key indicator as to whether she’s interested in you.

Remember that a teasing and cocky attitude is necessary because it helps communicate your value as an Alpha Man. You need to communicate your confidence and independent posture to her so that she understands you’re a real man, not a wimp that will bore her after the first date. Women want men with a sexual charge about them, and are turned off by “nice guys” who can’t muster the courage to go after what they want.

End the tease with a smile to show her you’re just kidding around. If she gets indignant or weird, you excuse yourself and move on, because you’ve just discovered that she’s probably insecure and bitchy. But more often than not, you’ll now find yourself in a conversation with a hot woman. Congratulations!

End it quickly with the “Well, I have to get back to my friends. It was nice talking to you.” Then you hand her a pen and tell her to write down her email or phone number. Don’t ask her – tell her, and she’ll give it to you.

Remember, guys: If she’s interested, she doesn’t care how you introduce yourself, just as long as you do.

You know, life is a lot shorter than you think.

Ask yourself: Do you want to wind up in your rocking chair whining about all the things you should have done?

You only get one shot at this life, so seize this opportunity. It’s time to start winning.
Invest in yourself and learn the strategies and mindset that will make you successful not just with women but in LIFE.”

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Until the next time.


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